An In-Depth Analysis of PDF Compression Techniques

Portable document Format is a commonly used file format for representing two-dimensional document and independent of application software, hardware or operating system. It includes a complete description of fonts, text, images and two-dimensional vector graphics. These descriptions compose the documents. The PDF document format is used for exchanging documents which results in effective coordination. It can store large amount of data in the files and can be transmitted across multiple platforms. This computer application was introduced by Adobe Systems in 1993. The co-founder of Adobe Systems John Warnock introduced a system called ‘Camelot’ which gradually evolved into Portable Document Format. raw to jpeg conversion

How to View PDF Files?

It is not difficult to open and view the PDF files on the system. A computer user can view the PDF files without installing any computer program. This is feasible by uploading the PDF document or entering the Uniform Resource Locator of a PDF document. Another way of opening the document in this file format can be downloading a PDF reader or Adobe reader. You can also install other computer programs. These programs occupy less computer memory. User is also equipped with the feature of adding annotations and comments to the PDF document.

How to Open the PDF files in Word Document?

There are times when you want to make necessary changes or updates in your PDF documents. These files are non-editable in nature for security reasons. Therefore, you may require opening the PDF files in Word document. The content becomes editable in the Word file. You can edit images, text, fonts or fix necessary errors in the document. User can convert the PDF to Word directly by using converter tools. The converter program that you choose should be of superior technology. During the process of conversion the original format of the document should remain intact and unchanged. Advanced tools offer you with the feature of ‘Partial Conversion’ with which you can select the pages you want to convert. Another feature ‘Batch Conversion’ enables you to convert multiple documents into selected format. Other tools can break the password security feature of the PDF file during conversion. After making desirable changes you can convert the file back to PDF. These methods can make your task convenient and flexible.


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