Natural Health – Hotel Room Yuckies

Traveling can be exciting and exhausting at the same time.

After long hours schlepping stuff on planes and trains, and then sightseeing with family or attending business events – whatever the reason for the trip – we look forward to getting into our hotel room to unwind, shower or bathe, and get some rest.

But what happens when you arrive and the room stinks (from either the previous guest, cleaning products, or room deodorizers), you are hesitant to take your shoes off, and you immediately dismiss soaking in the tub once you see the inside of the shower curtain?

I’m not just talking about low end hotel experiences here, these things happen at high end places too.

I admit, I may be pretty fussy about hotel rooms. And yes, I have been known to check out of decent places at midnight and check in somewhere else if I didn’t feel completely satisfied or safe.

And then, if I’m staying at a place for several days I actually rearrange the furniture to my liking and I keep the ironing board up for more counter space (usually for my supplements, and baggies full of my herbal tea bags and protein powder)

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m sharing this with you but I figure some of you might be like me! – so I’ve come up with some tips for dealing with “hotel room yuckies” (especially if you are staying for a few days):

-Inspect your room and make sure it’s satisfactory before the bellhop leaves you there with your luggage 분당풀싸롱

-Open your suitcase all the way with the top flap on the luggage rack and hang up your hanging clothes. Keep your folded clothes in your suitcase rather than putting them in drawers – use the inside top of the suitcase as an area to spread your clothes.

-Pull down the bedspread half way on the bed so you don’t have to sit on top of the bedspread – sitting on the underside of the bedspread seems less yucky

-Meet someone in housekeeping who is in charge of your room. Tell them you are allergic to artificial scents and cleaning products and to not use them in your room during your stay.

-You might even tell housekeeping that you don’t need them to clean your room or change your sheets while you are there, and that you will let them know if you need clean towels and when you need to get rid of your trash.



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