The Black Dahlia, A Realistic View Of The 1947 Los Angeles Murder Of Elizabeth Short

The Police And Media Investigation

The Big Four Main Suspects In The Murder Of Elizabeth Short

The Los Angeles police department was heading down a path of finding the killer whom had to have known “Elizabeth Short” in some way or another. There were hundreds of people looked at and investigated in this singular investigative thought. In the end the detectives had settled into the idea that the murder had to have been done by a doctor because of the way the body was cut in half and drained of blood. The body was laid out in “Leimert Park” where “Two” doctor suspects lived also.

There’s 4 possible persons who you could see as of having knowledge of the area in which “Elizabeth Short” was dumped. Two were doctors, one lived in the area and the other used to live in the area and had an ex wife that still did live there in the home her ex husband doctor owned. The third was “Elisabeth’s” father who repaired refrigeration units and had to travel to different parts of the city constantly. Her father would have known about this vacant soon to be built area 3 miles away that had great potential for future refrigeration work. The 4th was a “Mafia Boss” named “Micky Cohen” who did not order a hit on “Elizabeth” but may have told his “Serial Killer Soldier” crew to get a brutalized body and dump it in vacant area near a rival “Mafia Boss” named “Jack Dragna” who had a home in this area also and the body was a message.

“Elizabeth Short” was an alcoholic “Bar Fly” and her coming into contact with some upper class doctors isn’t out of the question but I don’t see the doctor profiles being “Maniac” and killing her in the sadistic way she was murdered. The person who killed “Elizabeth” was out to send a strong message.

Other claims about who the killer was have been made over the decades. “Mark Hansen” was another prime suspect but there is nothing at all for the police to latch onto except some of the then “Mafia” came to his night club now and again. The police even tossed his house 3 years later looking for blood evidence.

“Glynn Wolfe” was another suspect but again, “There’s No Connection” other than “Elizabeth” lived with 8 other women in a top floor apartment of the building he owned. I can’t see “Elizabeth” ever having any contact with “Glynn Wolfe” because there was indeed an apartment manager hired to run the day to day affairs of the building and who did recall “Elizabeth”.

Doctor “Walter Bayley” whos daughter was a good friend of Elizabeth Short’s sister had his doctors office.08 miles away from the Biltmore Hotel where Elizabeth was last seen. Elizabeth’s sister was married at this doctors “Leimert Park” home and the doctors daughter was the matron of honor.

Nothing I read ever stated the daughter’s doctor father attended this wedding so it’s really unclear if “Elizabeth Short” ever knew this doctor or even met him. There’s no circumstantial evidence or connection to the killing of “Elizabeth Short”. The doctor owned a home in the area his ex wife lived in and the doctor could make a clean straight cut so he was in the media’s eye a suspect.

The wedding at “Walter Bayley’s” ex wife home was between a soldier named “Adrian” and “Elizabeth Short’s” sister “Virgnia”. “Adrian” had absolutely no connection with the family of “Dr. Walter Bailey”. “Adrian” met the daughter of “Dr. Walter Bayley” at a church they both attended. The daughter of “Dr. Walter Bayley” invited “Adrian” to use her mothers home for his wedding to “Elizabeth Short’s” sister “Virginia”. “THAT’S IT!”.

The problem I have with this wedding at “Walter Bayley’s” home is it was a quickie wedding. “Adrian” the husband of “Virginia Short” who was stationed in the military in the Los Angeles area of California and called “Virginia Short” in Massachusetts to travel to California for their wedding. “Adrian” was previously stationed near “Virginia Short” in Massachusetts” where they met. “Adrian” was in a church group where he was living and arranged the wedding be held at the home of one of his church group member’s family home in “Leimert Park”. What’s really strange is there is nothing said of “Walter Bayley” or “Elizabeth Short” ever attending this wedding.

“Elizabeth” did write her family letters now and again. It’s unknown if “Elizabeth” even knew her sister was in Los Angeles getting married. Did “Elizabeth” even go to her sisters wedding? “Elizabeth” did for a fact know her sister lived in Berkeley Calif. and this has been proven.

It’s just assumed “Elizabeth Short” and “Walter Bayley” did attend the wedding of “Virginia Short” and “Adrian”? Remember, at the time of the wedding “Walter Bayley” did not live in the home and his wife had filed for divorce. It’s not even clear that “Virginia Short” became friends with “Walter Bayley’s” daughter until after the wedding. Hell, the first time “Virginia Short” was ever out in California was for her marriage to “Adrian” who was only a “Church Friend” with “Walter Bayley’s” daughter so how the hell could “Virginia Short” be friends with a girl she never met before the wedding? I don’t think “Elizabeth Short” or “Walter Bayley” were even at the wedding so how the hell could “Elizabeth” know “Walter”?

“Walter Bayley” was this doctors name and he was a prime suspect because he was a doctor with an office less than 1 mile away from the Biltmore Hotel where Elizabeth was last seen and “Elizabeth Short” was bisected right under her rib cage perfectly. “Walter Bayley” also owned the home where his ex-wife lived 1 block away from where the body of “Elizabeth Short” was dumped. “Walter Bayley” was the number 1 prime suspect at first but he too was “Cleared” of any involvement. The murder could have been done in a medical clinic the killer had access to before the body was dumped. Linking a suspect with medical knowledge and a medical clinic would be the perfect scenario for the police and newspapers but it was a false chase.

“Cleo Short” Elizabeth Short’s father lived in L.A. also at “1020 South Kingsley Drive” when his daughter was murdered. Elizabeth Short was last seen 3.4 miles away from where her father lived in downtown Los Angeles. When “Harry Hansen” the detective interviewed “Cleo Short” for the first time he was extremely drunk and vulgar with the detective. “Harry Hansen” again interviewed “Cleo Short” for a second time when he was sober and “Cleo Short” told the detective he wanted nothing to do with his daughter and had no emotions about her death. “Cleo Short” it seemed hated his daughter and family even though in 1943 he let his daughter live with him trying to make amends with his children.

“Cleo Short” made a deal with his daughter “Elizabeth” in 1943 and she just walked all over him. The deal was she would clean his home and cook for him now and again and she failed. “Elizabeth” would not even clean up after herself and just laid around all day and partied all night so her father kicked her to the road. The fighting between “Cleo” and “Elizabeth” was so intense he finally threw her out. “Cleo Short” in other words “spit on his daughters grave” to make the point. 606 angel number

“Cleo Short” worked in the refrigeration industry. As I stated in my personal thoughts I was going to focus on people who knew the area where “Elizabeth Short’s” body was dumped and her father would have known this area because of the refrigeration work he did. “Cleo Short” would have had to travel all over Los Angeles to do repair work.

What makes “Cleo Short” a prime suspect in my eyes is the refrigeration company “Cleo” worked for would almost with certainty had to have supplied “Cleo” with a “Panel Van” or truck of some kind to carry tools and parts in. Did the police ever think about finding this “Panel Van” and tossing it for blood evidence? The “Panel Van” would have been an idea place to cut “Elizabeth’s” body in half then put the cleaned body half’s in his car for disposal. Elizabeth could have easily hopped on a “Trolley” and traveled to her fathers home at any time between Jan. 9th and 14th.

The body dump area in “Leimert Park” is 4.3 miles from the “Kingsley Drive” residence of “Cleo Short”. The detective “Harry Hansen” never had probable cause to search the home of “Cleo Short” for evidence of a murder. No one could place “Elizabeth Short” at her fathers residence the night of the murder so the detectives could not, “Toss The Place”.


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